Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some exciting news.....

No that is not my eyes playing tricks on me, I am actually in a real magazine!!

Quick update, in July on my blog's one year anniversary, I was approached by a lovely features writer who asked if I would consider writing a piece for a magazine about my blog. Some questions to be turned into a story on how I blog about illness and chronic health issues.

 I was a little apprehensive at first, I didn't think I was ready to fully reach out into the public to be judged by complete strangers staring at me on a page who didn't have a background of chronic health problems. I was going to turn it down, but then I was told it was for an Australian Teen magazine and for some reason it didn't seem so scary to me than if it was in a UK magazine. After some discussion with my mum and best friend I decided to just go for it, they both thought it was an exciting opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

I kept it very hush hush and only told a couple of people because I was terrified I may end up jinxing the situation and would end up looking silly if it never came to be. After thinking it probably didn't make the cut, this week I received an email saying it had actually been in the September Issue.

Who would've thought the girl who was too frightened to even read her work out in English lessons would have helped put something in a magazine!

So here it is, a piece raising some awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in Girlfriend Australia's Magazine September 2014 issue, with non other than Kylie Jenner (1/6 of America's famous Kardashian Siblings) on the cover!

Believe it or not my best friend picked up this exact issue whilst in Australia and thought after flicking through it that she couldn't see the article, so didn't actually end up buying it!

(Sorry for the low quality, I haven't actually managed to find a physical copy of the issue.) 

Thank you once again to The wonderful team at Girlfriend Mag Australia and the lovely Becky who made this all happen!
 They've created a piece that doesn't take the feeling sorry for myself approach but raising some awareness of a rarely spoken about amongst the public illness, just like I imagined!
 This is such an incredible platform of awareness and I, and hopefully many others with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome are thankful for you allowing us to reach and knowledge such a wide audience.


  1. Hi Nancy,

    I read this article and that's how I first found out about your blog!

    It was nice to read about someone's experience of Chronic Illness in the mainstream media, as it helped me to know that there were others my age going through tough times health wise.

    Good on you for taking a chance, reaching out to others and telling your story.

    Have a nice weekend
    Caroline :-)

  2. I live in Australia and also have EDS, POTS, GP and others so seeing your article was like a breath of fresh air! You seem to handle it all so well, I'd love to have a chat some time! Hope youre keeping well! xx

    1. Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Sorry to hear you also have the same illnesses.
      That is so kind of you to say that, it's pretty surreal but knowing that its reached a few people in similar situation is truly amazing :) Thank you but I really don't sometimes it all feels very difficult to handle, I take it each day as it comes, probably a lot like yourself. Definitely :) I will check your blog out!
      Best wishes, Nancy x