YouTube has always been something of which I have wanted to try, yet always been too scared too which evidentially caused me to swiftly talk myself out of the process. I have tried to film videos, yet they didn't feel right at the time. I love that YouTube is a place to show an individual's creativity whilst sharing personal views, but it has always striked me as an incredible place for raising awareness of chronic and relatively unspoken about, illnesses. Having the technology and ability to visibly show the world that young people live and cope with chronic illness too is something so powerful. 
My amazing friend Denise Archilla from Chronic Connection asked me if I would be ok with sharing a video for the new YouTube series - Ask A Spoonie.
It took a lot of convincing but I am happy and shocked to say that I actually did it! This is the perfect way to  push myself out of my comfort zone and build my confidence of speaking to others through a camera. More importantly, thanks to Denise's kindness in asking me to be a part of the Chronic Connection YouTube team, this provides me with a platform to share my personal views of chronic illness, in the hope to help others whom are suffering in pain. 

The incredible advisory team of Chronic Connection share new videos every Wednesday on the channel -

We ask for you to submit your questions and we will do our upmost to answer them in the way we see to be suitable. Our mission is to help others through illness whilst recalling on the personal experiences we have lived with, however this is not in replacement of your medical team and their medical advice.

Please subscribe to Chronic Connection, thank you in advance! :)  

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